Good Friday Walk

It was wet but this didn’t dampen the spirits of the 60+ people old and young who walked from Springbank Sheltered Home. We started with a prayer from Rev Peter Gill followed by some singing.

Our walk continued to Mossvale Community Church where Pastor Hugh Chalk read the Gospel of Luke 23:43

Next stop was St James R.C Chapel Jean Urquhart reading Gospel of John 19:26-27

Marching on to the BP Filling Station with Rev Alistair Cook read Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34

Heading to the Fountain Gardens the cross was used to stop the traffic. Rev Eileen Ross read John 19:28 with the fountain behind.

With the rain still pouring down we headed on to the Life Church where Pastor Chris read John 19:30

Our final walk was to Wallneuk North Church where Rev Peter Gill read Luke 23:46 and the closing Prayer—The Lords Prayer. We then all had a well earned and much needed cup of tea to heat us up.

Some Pictures from the Day