HEART AND SOUL — May 19, 2013

The advance party ─ our Youth Alpha team ─ set out at 10am, heading for Princes Street gardens,
in Edinburgh, to prepare the tent – and a great job they did, displaying photos, information sheets and giveaways all in place ─ ready for our visitors

Well it stayed dry and there was even a blink of sunshine – the new Moderator, Rt. Rev Lorna Hood popped in and said hello ─ Arthur Sherratt and Eleanor McMahon are her chaplain supports for the year, and we also met them.

We were very busy, meeting friends old and new – Marion Macintyre being one of the first (she’s the Guild delegate for Shetland). Many of those who looked in seemed to be connected to Paisley either former Buddies or persons who knew someone who still live in Paisley.. Everyone admired our display, with a special mention for the intricate *drawing, completed by Kathryn Wilson, of the front of the churchwhich we had reduced and photocopied for the event. Also on display were the words of welcome used by Roberta on our Centenary Sunday, along with a poem about a ‘Dream Church’ which also seemed appropriate for the occasion.

The day ended with an act of worship, which included a tribute to the fact that it is 1450 years since Columba came to Scotland and set up in Iona. In between, there was time to visit the other churches and assembly committees, including Mission and Discipleship, Law department and Safeguarding. Some charity and Youth groups also had tents, to explain their role. Lots of information and smiling faces and kind words summed up a great day out, showing the church in action.

*Kathryn’s original drawing will be placed in the vestibule soon. 

Catherine McLeod, Miriam Gill and her brother Shahrukh Gill

Putting their Heart and Soul into the event 
Shahrukh and Miriam Gill, Gillian Clements and Catherine McLeod