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The Making of friends!

Almost 10 months into this role of Pioneer Minister, I've had the pleasure of meeting many folks who in some way or another are connected with Ferguslie Park and the North end of Paisley.

I've found people welcoming and keen to tell me of their lives in Paisley. I've enjoyed lunch with a few and heard of the great work being carried out not only in local Churches but also through community groups and local charities. I've met people with a heart to see things change for the better and those who've seen and are seeing things getting better.

Often I get asked what my role is since I'm  "someone who doesn't have a Church." To these folks I've found that the title "Pioneer Minister" isn't all that helpful to get a handle on and so for some the idea of a "Community Minister" seems more descriptive to grasp and a "Freelance Minister" even easier.

At present, I'm spending time walking the streets and those who know me (in Raploch and Cornton in Stirling where I've come from) will know that I like to walk as it helps me to get to know areas as well as the people I meet along the way. I'm not only finding out roughly what's happening already but getting a sense of people's hopes, dreams, things to be thankful for in each community as well as the spiritual heritage of these parts of Paisley.

I'm finding people who are keen to look back over the history of where they live and I'm meeting people who are working to support what's happening now. I remember someone once saying that the only thing we can change is the now, we can be sorry about the past but it's not good for us to remain there. Living, walking and working in the now will help us to work, live and walk towards making the yet to be.

As I meet you and as you see a new face in your community, I'm hoping to make friends and find people to work alongside. If you'd also like to explore daily life and the Christian faith as they connect together, get in touch with me.

Early days!

Stuart Davidson

Enjoy your day 

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